SuccessHACKER implements thorough inbound, outbound, and content strategies

Company Overview

SuccessHacker is a small, Customer Success advisory firm focused on providing education, recruiting, and consulting to high-growth companies.


San Carlos, CA

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Customer Success Teams and Individuals

The Challenge

SuccessHACKER recognized the importance of scalable and innovative approaches to sales when they partnered with RevenueZen in early 2019. However, as a small consultancy, they didn’t have the tools, bandwidth, or copywriting expertise to effectively implement and test any of these new ideas.

When Aaron Thompson joined the team as General Partner and de facto Head of Business Development, he wanted to find an agency that could bolster their existing sales strategies. Up until that point, closed deals primarily stemmed from happy hours, word of mouth, coffee chats, and referrals. While extremely valuable, those meetings would take hours of Aaron’s day to coordinate and secure, and weren’t scalable in the long run for other teammates.

In order to expand their sales outreach Aaron knew they needed a team who were expert copywriters (not only to craft their messaging, but to rewrite their website,) SEO masters, and outbound marketers.

As a self described “entrepreneur learning on the fly,” Aaron acknowledged that there were gaps in his knowledge when it came to modern day selling, which is why he chose RevenueZen.

The Solution

The strategy that RevenueZen came up with for SuccessHACKER was threefold. 

First, RevenueZen would optimize the SuccessHACKER website to ensure their mission was clear and ameliorate any problems with the site. This included a total rewrite of the website copy.

Secondly, RevenueZen built out an entire sales playbook and outreach strategy. Using Linkedin and email, a testable and scalable outbound sales plan was created. The plan remained a living document that would be updated regularly based on feedback from prospects and the SuccessHACKER sales team.

Finally, an entire SEO strategy was custom designed for the SuccessHACKER brand. RevenueZen created a thorough keyword portfolio, audience assessment, editorial guidelines, and blog calendar. RevenueZen coordinated with writers and designers to create written collateral for SuccessHACKER.

RevenueZen collaborated with the SuccessHACKER team on all of these projects to ensure they could continue to expand on them in the future and build on them as they evolved.

“As an entrepreneur learning on the fly, I was trying to get my head around what outbound prospecting was. What I realized was – this is cold calling in the technological era. Once I put that together in my own mind, I realized what it was. I wish I’d known that earlier.” – Aaron

The Results


Qualified Meetings Per Month


ROI Closed Revenue to Spend

“New customers!”

What has RevenueZen’s impact been on SuccessHACKER?


organic traffic

"I have always been expecting an ROI enough to justify the spend with my team. We've always evaluated this on the basis of "did it pay for itself and them some with Closed Won deals? This has certainly paid for itself!"

"Driving up SEO has helped us get more business from individual buyers who want to educate themselves with our courses and programs."

"I'd recommend early to growth stage B2B companies - not just SaaS! Smaller companies don't have the awareness they need to prospect effectively, and RevenueZen can build that, and make outbound more effective. For inbound and content teams, I'd recommend any stage company."

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