Do you feel like your prospective clients understand what you do?

Do you find that they keep coming to you with the same questions over and over?

…Is your service offering clear?

There’s a reason some companies have full-time copywriters! If your written collateral isn’t netting you the response you want, perhaps it’s time for some copy overhaul. We can’t walk you through freshening up your copy step-by-step, but we can get you part of the way there. This article will offer copy tips and tricks alongside simple examples of good copy.


Copywriting for SaaS Websites: Our Best Pointers

We could pile up copywriting tips so high you’d never see the top, but it wouldn’t necessarily be much help. If you’re writing for a SaaS site, there are some specific ideas you should keep in mind when you sit down to write content. 

It All Starts With the Headline

If your headline isn’t going to convert, it might not matter how great the copy inside is. 

SaaS copywriters should work to select high-converting headlines. They need to grab attention, sell what you have to offer, and help share a little information about your offering. 

  • Use SEO keywords exactly as searchers would use them
  • Make alluring offers (solutions, answers, etc.)
  • Ask something
  • Be clear and short
  • Don’t forget to make use of subheadlines 

Look Into Psychographic Data

If you want to find out more about what psychographic data is, we can point you towards one of our blog posts that gets a little more in-depth. Some of the easiest places to source data like this is via:

  • Surveys: Surveys allow you to directly ask your audience what influences them
  • Social media: Social listening tools offer insight into audience motivations

Paint Pictures in People’s Minds

The imagination is a seriously powerful thing. Your readers’ imaginations can do more for your brand than your copy can. This is only true if you have strong copy to get an audience’s mental cogs turning, though. 

If you’re trying to convince someone to buy email automation software, spend some time laying out how laborious the concept of manual email can really be. Paint a picture of how your software simplifies that process. 

Picture it: you’ve run through every video streaming service you subscribe to and you still can’t find a single thing to watch…

Use Emotional Power Words

Software isn’t always the most exciting thing on its own– and especially not to consumers. Copywriters for SaaS sites can and should leverage emotional power words to help readers connect with service offerings.

Studies have long shown us that even simple words and phrases have the power to heavily influence our emotions; and, since our emotions heavily influence our thoughts and buying decisions, it’s easy to see how great copy should get emotional.

  • Blissful
  • Triumphant
  • Faithful
  • Fool-proof
  • Burnout
  • Failure
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Spellbinding
  • Resent
  • Vulgar
  • Frenzy
  • Longing

If you’re longing for a moment away from the frenzy of day-to-day life, we understand the burnout…

Try Out the F pattern

There’s something you can consider while you design a website (and the copy that goes on it) that will help your audience understand your content better. Studies show that our eyes tend to move the same way across web pages, no matter where we are on the web. 

  • We look at webpages in an “F” shape
  • The F begins with the top left of a page (which normally contains a logo)
  • Then, a reader’s eyes move to the right towards navigation options
  • Next, readers look down and to the right again– this is where they expect to see important text and calls to action
  • Readers finish by looking down the rest of a page

As an SaaS company, it’s easy to leverage this: put crucial copy and CTAs on the second horizontal line of the giant “F” you imagine over your webpage. 

Talk Like Your Customer

No one really wants to hear you talk about your offerings. They know you want to sell them something. People would much rather hear about the benefits of something from someone who talks just like them. It’s one reason why things like reviews are such powerful marketing tools.

With that in mind, the best copy for your website will sound like copy your customers could have written. It’ll need to be a little cleaner, of course– and it’ll be driven by some specific motives, like increasing sales– but…

  • You should use customer language in your copy (when it’s possible)
  • You can interview your customers or look through reviews to determine how your customers speak

Keep It Clean and Clear

If you feel like you just read the word “clean” twice, you did. Clean copy is extremely important in copywriting for SaaS websites. It’s totally great to shoot for funny or narrative copy– but if you can’t pull it off neatly, don’t worry about the extras.

The more customer language you use, the more leeway you have here. If you can’t use customer language very effectively, then it may actually make your copy much less clear. Try having someone else read your writing before it goes live. They can help you boost readability. 

Work Towards a Goal

Every word of copy on your site should serve a purpose. If you didn’t write something with a goal, it probably doesn’t need to be sitting on your SaaS website.

Some site pages come with clear-cut goals already attached to them. An “About Us” page, for example, exists to help readers learn more about a brand and its offerings. Landing pages often serve to build trust with readers. Product pages exist to offer product information and sell products. 


If You Want Great Copy and Marketing, RevenueZen Can Help

We get it: there isn’t always time to create sparkly new copy. So, if you’re in the market for a little copywriting help, there’s some great news we’re dying to share. RevenueZen can help.

Here at RevenueZen, we’re committed to helping our clients employ effective and cohesive digital marketing strategies. We’re a team of content marketing experts that’s ready to help wherever your site needs it. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services and learn about how our crew can help you reach more customers. 

Jake Moffett

Jake is the Growth Manager at RevenueZen. He works with a number of entrepreneurial clients to help them tell their personal stories as it relates to their professional brands. He has three cats, loves bread, and is a pop singer under the name Jame Doe.