levi wardell

Levi Wardell

Sr. Director of Strategy

I could talk about my career, but that’s what LinkedIn’s for, so let’s talk about the fun stuff. I love what I’ve done in my life and can’t wait until tomorrow so I can do more. I love doing things that make me nervous as much as I love being calm in the midst of the crazy. I jump out of airplanes for the rush and sit on the beach at daybreak to take in the peace only the sea can bring. Depending on the day, you might hear anything from Chopin to Five Finger Death Punch blaring from my truck. I’ve served my country and currently serve my fellow veterans as a Service Officer for the American Legion. Sleep? I’ll do that later.

What’s a perfect day for you?

A giant glass of water to start the day, a warm breeze carrying the smell of summer, and time spent with the people I care about. Maybe some good food at some point and an evening by the fire in the firepit out back. 


What’s your favorite part of your job?

Every day brings a new challenge to overcome. Every day carries an opportunity to be the best person I can and improve the lives of my team. Oh, and SEO. 


What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

No one, and I mean no one, can put in a DoorDash order like me. 


What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?


  • Maryland