rob guthrie

Robert Guthrie

Senior SEO Strategist

I’m from Texas originally, I went to school in Colorado and then grad school here in Portland (I studied history, specifically piracy and public perception). I’ve got a podcast about Dungeons & Dragons and I give weekly (ish) history talks on Twitch!

What’s a perfect day for you?

I’m a simple man. If I get up, go for a run, make a cup of coffee, and manage to stay focused on work until noon without my ADHD derailing my process, that’s a pretty darn good day. A perfect day would probably also include a good beer, friends, and maybe some dice rolling.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I’m a big old nerd, so I love that I get to learn about so many different industries and companies. I love to do research, which helps me get better at focusing my content, and that’s far and away my favorite part of what I do.

What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

I’m a pretty good cook, but I don’t repeat recipes all that often (I’ve got a BBQ chicken recipe that’s pretty killer and I make a mean risotto when motivated). I’ve pretty much nailed making french press coffee though, which I do every day.

What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?

I think I had an AOL address that was just “” or something to that effect. It would take way too long to explain where that came from, but know that it had something to do with online gaming and the movie Aliens.

Three most used emojis?


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