Denisse Clark

Denisse Clark

Sales Support Specialist

I spent the majority of my life living in Dallas, TX and finally made the decision to move to Los Angeles late last year. It helps that my family lives out here and getting to spend more time with them is awesome. My favorite part about the move is getting to help my little sister with her acting auditions. I’m the official reader for most of her tapes (quiet voice speaking the lines of the other character in the scene). From a young age, I was an avid reader and would spend most summers cooped up in my room absorbing as many stories as possible. My love for reading made me think I would make a good teacher (idk why this was my logic).


I ended up going to UNT to get my teaching certificate for one whole week. No, I didn’t get it after a week. I changed my mind and moved back to Dallas to study psychology at UTD. I was also a waitress during this time and worked open – close on Friday – Sunday. It was a hectic period, and I have some pretty interesting stories. I’ve worked in sales, admin, and marketing, and although I don’t have as much free time as I did during those summers from my youth, I still absolutely love to read (although now mostly in the form of articles and captions).

What’s a perfect day for you?

Call me boring but nothing is better than being in your pajamas on a cold day drinking coffee and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I might sound like an old soul, but I promise I’m not!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Helping companies and getting to play a small part in helping them reach their business goals. As an added bonus, I get to work with a passionate group of people that genuinely love what they do. 

What’s a recipe that no one makes better than you?

Christmas cookies! There is some serious backbreaking work to this process. Every year I begrudgingly make my way to the kitchen for an all day affair of chaos consisting of milk, egg, flour, an assortment of spices I use once a year, and my 2 sisters. It’s a family bonding thing, but it’s also messy and painful. The cookies look and taste amazing when they are ready. So..sort of worth it. 

What’s the most bizarre email address you’ve ever had?

Maybe don’t share this, but I think it was something like  annnnnddd……..I think I was like 11/12 years old.

  • Los Angeles, CA